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Origin Inline Sliding Doors

Origin offers the latest in door technology. They’re one of the best-known UK manufacturers of front doors, bi-folding doors and windows. Now, Origin is offering three different types of inline sliding doors for your home. The current range consists of:

The Origin Artisan Slider (OS-20)

Made from premium grade aluminium, the Artisan boasts ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm. It’s visually stunning and practically versatile. Consider it a widescreen view of your garden. With its ultra-slim 20mm sightlines, the OS-20 is a guaranteed statement piece. Unlike the OS-44 or the OS-77, it features a flush fitting door lock instead of stainless steel pull handles. The OS-20 Artisan also comes with the option of fitting within the structure of a new extension. This way, you can achieve a near frameless appearance and provide a panoramic view of your garden.

Origin Inline Sliding Doors
Origin Inline Sliding Doors

The Origin Patio Slider (OS-44 and OS-77)

Elegant in any home, these inline sliding doors will stand the test of time. There are two sightlines available (either 44mm or 77mm). The slimmer variant (the OS-44) allows for plenty of natural light to flood your living areas. Whereas the OS-77 is slightly conservative. This is due to its more traditional style and larger sightlines. Available with double or triple tracks, they come with a choice of two or three-panel configurations.

Origin’s Inline Sliding Doors offer . . .

Featuring precision manufacturing, Origin’s roots are in contemporary, high-quality aluminium doors. Having already cornered the market with their minimalistic style, Origin’s latest foray is nothing short of beautiful. Now with the help of Love Windows & Doors, you can have these inline sliding doors in your home. Simply reach out and get in touch today.

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